Friday, January 30, 2015

Stewart Wachs - poster child for the Kyoto brigade of CIA Idiot Savant Poseurs

I first heard this guys name from Brian Schultz, whom had tried to intreest me in joining him at a monthly meeting hosted by Mr. Wachs and others from the Kyoto Journal at a small shrine near the Yoshida shrine in Kyoto. I politiely declined, as I was fairly busy and had a lot of reading I told Schultz that I was not impressed with the Kyoto Journal. I had already read the offensive disinformation pieces by Dougill and Houser (both Kyoto Journal contributors...) in the defunct Kansai Time Out, and they were so obviously inauthentic that some of the articles published under their names may have been fed from propagandists in Langley, etc. , with them as ghost writers learning the trade.

It doesn't require an especially unique perspective to take decent photographs in Kyoto, because the city has many built-in design features that accentuate the natural beauty found here.

That said, it still seems rather ill-advised that the CIA/MI6 have overplayed the "photo-journalist" "photographer" to an extent that would practically make it impossible for a reasonably attentive not to notice.  

And note that the Kyoto Journal is a "non-profit", with interns! Some people just have nothing but time on their hands! According to the blog ostensibly operated by the enterprising Irish intelligence officer, DeepKyoto, Wachs currently has a female intern at present from the UK, apparently, named Lucinda Ping Cowing. One good publication deserves another... Oh, and don't miss Eric Johnston of the Japan Times in a photo with Wachs and Cowing at the bottom of that page.

Could she be an officer in the MI6? Oh dear. I asked her about that yesterday, and she abruptly deleted her Facebook account, without replying. Here is a dead link to the blog linked to under her name on the blog article. 

Has she's gone zero-dark whatever? 

Oh, but wait, you can read an advert like page about her here. She is showcasing her "work", as it were, photography!

At any rate, aside from the Japanese government potentially finding itself in the embarrassing position of having recognized a CIA media front, I seriously doubt that Abe Kobo and Noam Chomsky would be happy to learn that they'd contributed pieces to a CIA media front.

The CIA didn't think about any of this, apparently. At least the publication is no longer in print, only being put out in digital form now. 

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