Thursday, January 29, 2015

Who Is Colin Marshall? Yet another CIA media man attempting to promote his CIA deep-cover Cohorts?

That what he appears to be, at any rate.

He has conducted interviews posted on the intelligence-front blog, Deep Kyoto, and is based in LA and South Korea. LA is the HQ of Japanese and Korean organized crime groups in America, as I understand it, and the Korean groups have a significant presence in Kyoto. 

Here's a link from the CIA tool's blog of relevant articles, featuring many of the usual suspects.

Interviews with Christopher Olson, John Dougill, Josh Parkin, Brian Ashcraft, Michael Lambe, Tim Olive, and Pico Iyer

Anyone that has been reading this blog knows that Dougill and Lambe are two idiot savant MI6 poseurs that I've written about. There is nothing that either of them have accomplished that would merit the attention of a real writer. Pico Iyer is probably the only individual on the list with the requisite accomplishments to qualify. 

Another features an American, Christopher Stephens that worked for the now defunct and infamous Kansai Time Out--it even links to a reprint of a KTO article (all rights reservered...).

Here is the man in person, sort of. One video is "private", but there is a snapshot of him appearing on TV in Santa Barbara, CA, but you have to scroll down the screen for it. 
There is also this fairly long interview with Marshall being the subject because he's such a celebrity of a tool!

Sean Lotman, a fellow UCSB student, must be jealous...

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