Monday, January 26, 2015

The Flame, brought to you by Charles Roche

I forgot to insert the links to Dawn O'Day's performances at the event called "The Flame" into the last post. 

The event features performance by many individuals aside from the couple named on this blog that I suspect are intelligence officers from the CIA, MI6, etc. from national intelligence services. I've already posted a clip from John Ashburne earlier...

I've seen few interesting clips, but most are rather not.

Dawn O'Day

Here's a clip of a not very flattering performance by the host, Charles Roche

I generally found Paul to be an amicable individual, and this clip basically shows him in that light. 

Unfortunately, I have to expose the CIA/MI6 et al. network, as it will be an issue in the upcoming lawsuit. Paul was one of the guys that had an apartment at the Villa Tonoda, where I lived for 10 years. Dan Douglass lived a couple doors down from me, etc.

The youtube site called "Iwakuraken" hosting the videos of performances at The Flame
appears to be maintained by Ken Rogers, who arrived in Kyoto in 1982, which is about the same time frame as Roche and Einarsen. 
a former printmaker, TV film editing assistant, commercial screenprinter (Johannesburg, 1973), state library worker, mental hospital ward aide, and classified hard-rock mine long-hole driller, arrived in Kyoto from Tasmania in 1982
who has appeared at "The Flame"
Apparently he hosted a similar spoken word from 1996-2000, from which he has uploaded some videos to his youtube site.

Note that the intelligence front blog, Deep Kyoto, also has articles featuring photography of Stewart Wachs and John Einarsen, which they recently removed from the site, but can be found at this cached page
Wait, they've reactivated it, quick! 

One can only wonder if the Japanese government would be embarrassed by the following

if it is eventually confirmed that suspected CIA officer John Einarsen is actually a CIA officer.

Suspected CIA officer Ted Taylor, co-editor of e-book put out by CIA/G2 front Deep Kyoto keeps this blog
but he does not host the Iwakuraken youtube site that hosts the videos of all the performances at The Flame. He has performed at The Flame, however, numerous times:

I hope you enjoy their performances as much as I have... (Actually, I'll admit to not even watching in their entirety some of those I've started, because they are a poor use of one's time, generally speaking, and there is only so much I need to know about these trained sociopaths to expose them.) 

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