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The Enemy Within, Part 1: Neoliberalism

There is much more to say about the French and their activities here in Kyoto, so it will have to be done in a piecemeal manner, as time permits. In this post, I’m going to examine Stephane Vogley’s business front here in a little more detail, and a Frenchman connected to the finance sector (Credi Lyonnais) named Christian Lengelle, who is another suspected officer in France’s equivalent of the CIA, the GDSE. 

I have described the efforts of two CIA officers connected to the finance sector who I met while studying at UC Berkeley. Both of those sociopaths tried to convince me to leave Kyoto, and part of the rationale for that is that they were intending to move in themselves, with a horde of other sociopaths from the finance sector that had amassed substantial amounts of ill-gotten gain through the derivatives-related perfidy with respect to which Eric Holder prosecuted not a single culprit. 

Both Vogley and Lengelle, like Peterka and Roughan, are such  Western intelligence agency sociopaths, working directly in the finance industry or in close coordination and facilitated thereby. 

There is probably a fairly large contingency of Western intelligence officers endeavoring to establish themselves by making inroads into Japan by opening up its markets to what I refer to as Empire Finance, which is a weapon wielded primarily by the nation states of the USA, UK, and France, but also Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as off-shore tax havens, etc. 

Note that finance per se is only one aspect of the societal espionage being conducted wielding as weapons sleight-of-hand economic policies disguised in technocratic vestments with the blessings of a finance controlled academia. I'm thinking of tax policies such as those adopted by the government of Ireland to entice American tech companies to set up shop there, tax policies that have tentatively been deemed to violate the EU charter. 

Here's a good breakdown of the scenario regarding Ireland's parasitic corporate tax system.

In its preliminary findings, the EC finds Ireland and Apple guilty of violating laws in the EU charter that prohibit giving state aid to private corporations without a consensus. The EC writes:

In the light of the foregoing considerations, the Commission's preliminary view is that the tax ruling of 1990 (effectively agreed in 1991) and of 2007 in favour of the Apple group constitute State aid according to Article 107(1) TFEU [Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union]. The Commission has doubts about the compatibility of such State aid with the internal market. The Commission has therefore decided to initiate the procedure laid down in Article 108(2) TFEU with respect to the measures in question.

Ireland's tax policies are simply a form of off-shore haven exploitable by corporations instead of wealthy criminals seeking to hide their ill-gotten gain. The Irish tax policy is basically parasitic on American society, targeting its high tech industry. It makes one wonder whether the Irish government thought of that on their own, or were encouraged to pursue such a course by Wall St., intelligence operatives, oligarchs anonymous, etc., with a supra-national agenda. That is to say, a supra-national agenda formulated on a neoliberal (which is related to laissez-faire) ideology that has the effect of weakening the nation state and strengthening trans-national corporations and finance.

Suffice it to say that the operations documented here are more complex and would appear to be planned by Western intelligence agencies working in close conjunction with the finance sector, etc. Lengelle probably works in the finance industry in Tokyo ( a fact which he chooses to conceal), and Vogley does not appear to have been capable of establishing the company TMMS and positioning it in the Japanese market on his own. 

Like all of the intelligence operatives I've met, Vogley could basically be characterized as a somewhat hapless, otherwise nondescript individual that has only achieved his position through intelligence agency network connections. His portrayed rise to entrepreneurship simply doesn't hold up to scrutiny, much like the published writings of MI6 pseudo-intellectuals like John Dougill, CIA pseudo-journalists like Kris Kosaka et al, etc. 

It has to be emphasized that these intelligence officers are paid by their respective governments to network with each other in their collaborative efforts to subvert the socio-economic system of the countries targeted by their governments. Sometimes they have already implanted compromised individuals into positions of political power in the target country, as is the case with Abe Shinzo and the entire LDP in Japan. In such a case as Japan, there is no doubt that the CIA/MI6/DGSE et al. are recruiting agents as proxies, but they may also be directly collaborating with Japanese intelligence officers as well.

Here, it bears noting that the State Secrets Act passed by the Abe administration and encouraged and praised by the Obama administration includes as state secrets the relationship between the Japanese intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence agencies. 

First, on this page of Vogley’s company website
Vogley is described as
President and formerly a Microelectronic Engineer who specialized in Technology Marketing and Quality Auditing in Japan for a major European company and later on Manager of a sourcing office in Asia.

The webpage includes a blocked section of text entitled “Our Values”.
That text recites:

Respect of the person, cultures and environment
(Neoliberalism certainly does not respect cultures or the environment, and what is meant by the somewhat nonsensically rendered English, “the person”, is unintelligible, but obviously similar double-speak. This is similar to the other frequently seen misrepresentations of intelligence officers as "progressive", socially conscientious, etc.)

Dedication to our families and our tasks
Well, it is unclear what the topic of “families” has to do with the operation of a technology marketing business, but neoliberalism involves a class-related “family values” dimension that serves to mask the category of class.

We are a Service Company, not Traders

- We provide Analysis of Trend in Japanese Market and sourcing of suppliers or partners in Japan.

- Our experience of Asian business and culture allows us to offer Consulting service to the Management of Foreign Companies on business strategy and negotiation in Japan and Asia.

High Tech:

We manage for our customers and own several international patents and are actively working on development of application with our Japanese partners.

On Vogley’s LinkedIn page,
he discloses that he worked as a: 

  • Technology Marketing Engineer for Alcatel Japan (2/2000 - 12/2002: 2 years 11 months), 
  • Commodity Manager for EPIQ Group in France (1/2003 - 1/2004: 1 year 1 month), 
  • Chief Representative for EPIQ Shanghai (1/2004 - 1/2005: 1 year 1 month), and 
  • General Manager for GPSL (1/2005 - 8/2006: 1 year 8 months), which is described as a sourcing company.

Generally speaking, stints of a year are shorter than what would normally be the case for executive level positions at such companies, so I assume that the company called EPIQ, which is claimed to be headquartered in the USA on LinkedIn but has no homepage, whereas there appears to be a Beligium company with that name, serves as a front company for the CIA/DGSE et al. and helps them infiltrate intelligence officers into the business world.

Aside from that, it seems that Vogley’s company is sort of a patent troll, though it is unclear how he would have researched the patents to buy and where he would have obtained the funding to acquire the patents that seem to be serving as the basis for his company’s tie up with Murata, but that would be easy for an intelligence agency of a developed country. One thing is clear; that is to say, Vogley is not the inventor of any of the technology he markets, as he holds no patents whatsoever or any pending applications, as far as Internet searches of the WIPO database and the like show.

The point is that what Vogley et al. are engaged in is not industrial espionage, but societal espionage. Apparently, he has established a company with the guidance and covert material backing of the government of France through its intelligence agency. He operates that company on the basis of an intellectual property tie up with a Japanese manufacturer, for which he apparently servers as a coordinator for outsourcing related thereto. In other words, he is serving to outsource high tech jobs from Japan to companies controlled by owners connected to the Western intelligence agencies in other countries where the French intelligence agency (in collaboration with the CIA, etc.) have installed a corrupt governments that promote “globalization” as a means to open up their labor markets to global “investors”. Such corrupt governments serve the interest of the landed gentry, so to speak, as opposed to The People.

Meanwhile, pseudo-entrepreneur intelligence officers like Vogley are then provided with social psychologist support networks including intelligence officers like Paul Crouse and Dave Dalsky of the CIA, Derrick Tran of Australia's equivalent of the CIA (the ASIS), and Russel Trott of the MI6 (England) to placate the local people who find themselves with skills but unemployed in the globalized neoliberal world order. 

The placation involves imbuing the disaffected with a self-centered disposition, which is central to the self-help psychologism snake oil being peddled by Crouse and Tran. While society is being structurally dividing and conquered by transnational corporations on the macro level, intelligence officer sociopaths are working to bring about the People that constitute society by atomizing them into discrete units that are disconnected from society and each other. Assessing this situation, Thomas Jefferson might have said that the citizenship is being dis-member-ed, so to speak, one at a time, until there is only an amorphous populace remaining. 

Who is Christian Lengelle?

This recent article in the Financial Times,, “Why Foreigners are seeking ‘worthless’ wooden homes in Kyoto”

Christian Lengelle, a Frenchman based in Tokyo, is restoring several machiya for rental to tourists. “I love the historical value of  those houses,” he says. The cost of renovation is “anything between Y300,000 to Y800,000 [about $2,400 to $6,500] per tsubo” — a Japanese measurement equivalent to 3.3 sq metres.

Machiya owners who let their property can expect rental income of about Y18,000 ($145) per night in high season, and half that in low season, according to Ken Hayashi, who runs House Network, a buying agency for foreigners.

Christian Lengelle is a retired Finance industry sociopath and a suspected officer in the French DGSE intelligence agency. He once held the position of “Credit Lyonnais' managing director and head of equity derivatives for North America in New York”.

He is mentioned not only in the above-linked mass media articles, but also in the following book by an academic about organizational behavior. Here, it bears repeating that the Western intelligence agencies control a broad swath of the mass media as well as publishers, and they use that control to promote intelligence officers in civil society, as appears to be the case here with an otherwise apparent nobody Frenchman named Christian Lengelle. He is mentioned in Chapter 4 (p. 89) of the book:
downloaded here:

     ‘This pub-culture just isn’t French’, says Christian Lengelle from Crédit Lyonnais. ‘We are not used to going to the café after work to have a drink with colleagues. But I do know some French bachelors who will join their British collegues for a dinner of beer and peanuts.’ Lengelle believes it is easier for Britons to negotiate with their partners to be allowed at least one weekly drink with workmates, because this is a part of the British culture.
     ‘German and French employees have to struggle through lengthy conversations to convince their partners that a night at the pub is as vital for their careers as showing up on time for their meetings’, he says. ‘The French and the Germans like to keep their work and private lives separate’, says a British analyst working at a German bank. ‘They don’t like contacts outside the office very much.’ Americans, on the other hand, like to boast that they are good at organizing dinners with their collegues. ‘I invite the entire team for a dinner at my home to celebrate the closing of a deal’, says Jeff Lubin from New York. ‘This enhances trust and loyalty.’

We can see that Lengelle is 40-49 years of age and ran a 10K affiliated with the 2015 Saipan marathon in 58 minutes.

He apparently had a personal website ( until fairly recently; unfortunately, it wasn’t archived.

Apparently he has a company in Bali.
Phone: +62.8174710655

He apparently had another company in New York that has been dissolved:

He describes himself on his LinkedIn profile as a photographer living in NYC.

In fact, as the Financial Times article states, Lengelle lives in Tokyo, and owns at least one house in Kyoto (Nanzanjikitanobocho) that he rents out as a vacation rental, and is reportedly restoring others: (French, includes more info, photos, etc.)
through a network connected to Ken Hayashi, a Japanese that appears to have been educated in the USA.
He, in turn, seems to be connected to Naoko Miki, who may be the mysterious translator for the DGSE-front website RealKyoto calling herself "Pamela" of “Miki Associates”, a non-existent company.

Lengelle is a apparently a technically savvy Frenchman (maybe his is being provided guidance by Vogley…), as he has preemptively excluded his photos on his website from being archived, as shown below. The French version of webpage includes a number of photographs that could enable a determined individual to locate the house. Even if he takes it down after reading this post it will be available as a cached page for some time...

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