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The Western intelligence agencies' pseudo-culture industry in Kyoto, presently conducted from Paris, France

The faux art scene in Kyoto is a form of pollution that has been emanating largely from France in recent years. 

On the one hand, it serves as a milieu through which the Western intelligence agencies make the pretense of introducing spies evincing an interest of culture, without having to brave the perils of making a pretense to being interested in traditional Japanese culture. It also creates an alternative to the traditional cultural milieu of Kyoto, and can be used as a means to attempt to dilute or otherwise render the traditional cultural forms less meaningful than they are. 

This post is sort of a mishmash of various factions of interconnected individuals and groups, because it appears that I have been somewhat successful in disrupting the perfidy of the sociopaths in the CIA et al.

Like other posts, I hope to get back to this and improve it as time permits. There are some screen shots I took from the  videos of Kyoto Nuits Blanche and related events, mostly of the credits.

Though this post encompasses more than France and the French intelligence officer sociopaths in Kyoto, you have to start somewhere in the morass... Topics like the PechaKucha events, etc., may be treated separately in future posts.

First, I’ll introduce a couple of other (i.e., non-French) forms of detritus washing up on the shores of the Land of the Rising Sun from the flotsam and jetsam of that great shipwreck that is (was) the West: PechaKucha.
Ariya Sasaki (mentioned in post on Zimbleman) has been on my radar for quite some time, and I’ve already discussed Luong, briefly. Sasaki will require a dedicated post, so I went dwell on her here. One of the links related to Luong also includes Derrick Tran (a suspected officer in the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)), whom I’ll introduce here, as he is also part of the organizer nexus of this co-opted ‘event’:
Group page
Event page
Joint presentation by Luong and Sasaki:

Here, Tran markets himself as a "Personal and Professional Development Coach", similar to Paul Crouse (former Villa Tonodan resident discussed in CIA Dawn O’Day post). There is no market for such services in Kyoto (is there anywhere?), and such individuals are apparently purveyors of a sort of neoliberal pyschologism doctrine to accompany the infiltration of neoliberal socio-economics and the pseudo culture of “multi-culturalism”.

Here is a link to an archived page of Luong’s former (now closed) gallery business, “3F” that was in my neighborhood, and at which CIA sociopaths like John Einarsen exhibited their mediocre photography. There is more on this below, and the archived pages need to be examined more closely at some point, but what is below will suffice for the present.

Note that for the presenter listed as "Apothoke norihito (Promote Diversity)", there are no photos, and s/he has used an assumed name. If the theme about “diversity” related to promoting diversity in Kyoto, that would be a common aspect of the project by CIA officers aimed at undermining Japanese mutual intelligibility of their culture, of which Kyoto is said to represent the epitome. Take, for example, suspected CIA officer Ted Taylor, who passes himself off as an “internationalizer” on his blog.

A common feature of the intelligence agency sociopaths is forming mutual support networks aimed at propelling their respective false ascents in the civil society of the host country (upon which they are parasites). Luong and his cohort, Tran, represent a type of transplant with Asian heritage who were bred in the West and dispatched to help colonize the old country. Sasaki is a publicity hungry, narcissistic and ambitious woman with little else going for her, aside from the ironic fact that she fashions herself as a Buddhist “Priestess”, also fits that mold as well, and her family is originally from Kyoto.

Taylor features in the recently launched “Writers in Kyoto” CIA/MI6 front—another faux culture/faux intellectual Western intelligence agency front—that was ostensibly founded by Dougill and includes 8-9 individuals I’ve blogged about as well as a slew of others I haven’t (who are intelligence officers). I’ll examine that group in more detail in a dedicated post, but here is a link to the Japan Times article through which I came to know about the group,, and a link to the website. (Tadg is another suspected Irish G2 intelligence officer)

These interrelated threads seem to encompass a lot of information, because the intelligence agencies have adopted a strategy of increasing the presence of more senior people through group representations, as opposed to retreating into obscurity, basically because their covers are already exposed and they have limited future utility as intelligence officers. Meanwhile, the CIA et al. appears to have undertaken an effort to conceal the identities of some of the younger intelligence officers exposed below.

Isabelle Olivier is a name that appears along with Sasaki, Zimbleman et al, and she is an officer in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which means that she is an officer in the DGSE (France's version of the CIA) operating under official cover (with diplomatic immunity).

The main event sponsored by the French—which they launched a few years ago—is an annual affair called Kyoto Nuits Blanche, which both Sasaki and Tran (neither of whom have any connections to France) are involved in organizing…
You can see the yakuza connected mayor of Kyoto hobnobbing it with some purveyors of haute couture consumerism straight from Paris in the video for the 2013 event. Admittedly, it does get people involved in society and away from their televisions… Here is the Youtube video introducing the event. (2013)

You’ll note some of the names in the credits of the following Youtube videos of the “final reports” for the events held in 2013 and 2014, a couple of others I’ll introduce, and others are for future reference.
Here is the first Youtube clip.

The guy going by the stage name “ryotaro” is an accordion player that I used to see perform with an American dancer and suspected CIA officer named Mitsu Salmon. He may have been in the faux band fronted by Canadian intelligence officer Mark (aka Max) Dodds. For better or worse, she’s not shy, and you can see some of her performances here:

Andre Samuel is suspected to be either a CIA agent or a French intelligence officer.

Look! It 's Sean Lotman! Why, he's in with the French, too...
…just like his British MI6 cohort Hal Udell… 
both of whom provided entertainment at the after party:

Note (also above) that Monsignor Couzens made a repeat appearance in 2014 as well...

Doriss Ung, Jane Motin, and Eric Luong staging a Nuit Blanche performance at Luong’s former Canadian-intelligence-agency-sponsored gallery space.
He also hosted a pre-party there:
And created a Facebook page for the above performance as well: is a poor quality video for a part of that performance (Installation [Villa Fragile] by Doriss Ung & Jane Motin) connected to the Kyoto Nuits Blanche event from Luong's closed gallery space:

The website, "RealKyoto", has implemented coding that disables copy-and-paste from your browser, making it more of a chore to write about and quote from.
There is absolutely nothing related to traditional Japanese culture and Kyoto on the entire blog; it is merely providing coverage of international events, of which there has been an increase, and the people involved that they are trying to promote. Is it an intelligence front? Good question! It appears to be run by people affiliated with a local art school, trying to promote its students and graduates, apparently, in conjunction with the intelligence agencies.

Here’s another event intelligence agency-front event at which Lotman gave a presentation on photography, in 2013.
Andy Couzens
Here are some other videos of events at Luong’s former gallery that was organized by Couzens:
And here is an interview with the would-be artiste courtesy of your friend and mine Michael Lambe of Deep Kyoto fame (he's also a PR man for Einarsen at Kyoto Journal):
Here’s another video taken at Luong’s former gallery space: (Melinda Heal: maybe she’s not a spy, but the probability that she is is high.)
As mentioned above, Samuel Andre is almost certainly wither CIA or DGSE. (Samuel Andre: Nomad V-homeless 3Fproject room)
On his Facebook page he describes himself as living in “Nowhere, Oklahoma” and being from “Rouen, France”:

With so many talented artistes about, you wonder how the world could be such a mess. It boggles the mind—what’s left of it...

A few more links on that master of disguise, Chinese Canadian spy, Eric Luong. (with at least two other suspected intelligence officers: Derrick Tran, and Hirisha Mehta)

Note that while the videos that had been uploaded to the “3F Project Room” Facebook page appear to have been deactivated,
there are a few videos on Youtube, as shown above and below.
Checkout the inane interview with German wannabe artiste, Sebastian Mayer, for example.
Meanwhile, at least the photos are still there:
Some new names I picked up from those include:
Lila Neutre
Ben Pendleton
Mike Wales
Amanda Sunnerholm (I assume "Oh-mandy" is for laughs)
Max Larsson
Ally Mobbs
(connected to Lotman/Zimbleman cohort and suspected MI6 officers Kaily Palmer:
and Ben Pendleton

Many of the above-listed individuals are connected through the following Japanese language school:

Meanwhile, I haven't even searched all of the names listed above, and don't intend to due to time constraints and more important things to post. 

Here are some other Facebook pages to former events at Luong’s intelligence agency-front glallery:

Here are a couple of Vimeo links to intelligence officers connected to the faux art scene:

Rowan O’Brien is another faux artiste connected to Eric Luong, Sean Lotman et al. and is yet another suspected G2 intelligence officer (Ireland). He’s active in South Korea as well, and appears to be married to a Korean woman, though that isn’t made public on their Facebook pages—aside from some photos—because they are trying to conceal their identities:

Note that Luong’s suspected CIA cohort Ash Ryan is a collaborator on that project as well.
Rowan provides photos of himself on the following pages, but the video is “private”:
And here’s a remnant from an exhibition Luong hosted that included work by Rowan’s brother, Barry, at the 3F Project Room:
FACES is the name of the current exhibition being held in the 3F Project Room in Kyoto, Japan.
Amongst the line up of talented Japanese and international artists you’ll find work by my own dear brother Barry O’Brien.
●●●● 面:FACES ●●●●
Photography & Video Special Exhibition @ 3F project room
Jenny Hall
Motoyasu Matsutani
Wenson Tsai
Makiko Arihara
John Ashburne
John Einarsen
Barry O’Brien
Last but not least, a Youtube video of a film Rowan included that was made by (and features) him and his brother:


    Deep infiltration this week end with hypnosis by cheekbone ambient music

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