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Screenshot references for ResuPress/Storys.JP/Ekino/UNITE, etc., CIA et al. front companies and frontmen

Considering the fact that there is too much information to cover in a concise manner due to the more pressing matter at hand of filing the Appeal with the D.C. Circuit Court, I'm going to post this series of screenshots of archived webpages of the above-named company (ResuPress) and its purported services along the course of its progress since being launched in August, 2012.

The flagrant misreepresentations (outright lies, perhaps), inconsistencies, etc., by Riney, Mizobe, and Otsuka are to be examined with reference to the screenshots in this post, as opposed to uploading them redundantly across multiple posts.

The pages have been grouped together in "phases" corresponding to their release in respective series.

As a sort of spoiler, I'll just state in advance that the evidence below shows that the so-called "video resume" startup described by Riney in his interviews (i.e., was in fact planned to itself provide service as a venture fund to support new startups both financially and materially, going so far as to offer legal services...

Phase 1
First ResuPress “Home” webpage, archived October 27,2012:

This page includes a sentence describing the upcoming service, 

First ResuPress “Overview” webpage, archived October 27,2012:
This page includes the following information indicating that the company is going to develop web applications that will revolutionize the world, with three people listed as “Board members”, including Riney, Koichiro Wada, and Keisuke Wada (the VC from “Incubator”):
ライニー ジェイムズ (James Riney)
和田 晃一良 (Koichiro Wada)
和田 圭祐 (Keisuke Wada)

First ResuPress Announcements page, archived November 3, 2012:
This page includes the following information indicating that the company was founded on August 28, 2012, and that Incubate Fund and ANRI are investors:
2012.10.05 Incubate FundANRIを割当先とする第三者割当増資を実施
2012.08.28 レジュプレス株式会社 設立

First ResuPress Index page, archived November 4, 2012:

Phase 2
The following two pages, archived on December 22, 2012, are the same, with a single slide reading “Venturing Japan?”

Phase 3
Next, they added  slides for two new/upcoming services in March, 2013, the homepage displaying a total of three services: Venturing Japan support for launching a business in Japan; STORYS.JP; and Ekino, which states “An Online Flee Market at Every Train Station”. Meanwhile, they eliminated the detailed text related to localization and strategic partnerships:

Two of those slides lead to archived pages, but the “Venturing Japan” link was blocked from archiving by implementing robots.txt:

There is a currently active version of that page, but it is password protected:

Phase 4
The fourth version of the ResuPress homepage, archived in April of 2013, eliminated the Venturing Japan and Ekino services, and included the following statements:
ResuPress is a Tokyo based tech startup focused on building exciting new ventures and bringing them to the world.
ResuPress was founded by James Riney, Koichiro Wada, and Takuro Mizobe with the support of Incubate Fund and Anri Fund.
The Board was comprised of:
“James Riney, Koichiro Wada, Keisuke Wada”
And the Team was comprised of:
“James Riney, Koichiro Wada, Takuro Mizobe, Keisuke Wada, Anri Samata, Nicholas Gianniotis (Advisor)”
Note that Otsuka has yet to appear on either list.

Phase 5
There are no changes until June 25, 2014, when a link/graphic for a new service called Unite is added, the names of Riney and Gianniotis are deleted from the page, with Otsuka’s name appearing for the first time on both the Team list and the Board list, to which Mizobe has also been added.

Phase 6
The next change happens in August, 2014, with the Unite service being deleted, and the Coincheck service added:


The first homepage of STORYS.JP, archived on March 1, 2013, does show Otsuka on the Team, and includes a third investor, Teddy Lo, who also happens to operate a Crossfit business in Hong Kong. The page also includes links to personal stories the team members and investors have uploaded onto the website:

The page remains basically the same through October 10, 2014, with Riney still shown as a member of both the Board and Team, even though he had already left the company, and then the “About” page showing information about the company itself was eliminated from the website altogether:

The next archived page shows that it had been deleted by the company:

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