Sunday, September 25, 2016

Who is Louise George Kittaka?......INTRO, w/ filings related to Japan Times, etc., submitted to D.C. Court

Well, just when I’d hoped to start concentrating more on the Appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court, the Japan Times published another offensive anti-Japanese diatribe (, this one by one of its celebrity columnists who is a somewhat dogmatic feminist ideologue suspected intelligence operatives (she is from New Zealand) not above stooping to a little pseudo-event "surveying", in the Boorstinian sense. The article at issue is primarily aimed at derogating Japanese cultural sensibilities and norms of female beauty, etc., apparently having the objective of encouraging foreigners apply pressure to Japanese to accept the presence of obese Western women among them. Here are a couple of links:,

Kittaka is connected to a number of the suspected CIA et al. officers that have been named and described in the lawsuit as well as this blog, through Susan Pavloska 

of Doshisha and Kyoto Journal fame (, Darlene Beckman, and Jessica Goto (, who is employed by the Nihongo Center, like others described on this blog (e.g., Keith Spencer). The following screenshots of her publically viewable Facebook friends include: John Einarsen, Tong Cheuk Fung, Roger Walch, etc. I have archived numerous webpages and screenshots to be uploaded, as appropriate.

I dared them to delete my critical comment, and though they didn’t—at first—after a deluge of other negative comments and a couple in support by their shills, they deleted one of my comments (which had quickly received 5 up-votes, as per the screenshots posted below, by:,,, and responding to a reply to one of my comments by the Disqus user named Charles ( in relation to another user named blondein_tokyo (, a somewhat dogmatic Western feminist who does, in fact, espouse a version of imperialist feminist ideology, as I suggested in a reply to her. The Japan Times subsequently decided to ban me from commenting on their articles, whereupon they deleted the comments of blondein_tokyo and Charles that provided context to my comments, so I can only provide screenshots from Disqus of my comments. 

Note the stealth promotion of Bitcoin as a means of healing the social ills of globalization... in the article. The author is a former mining executive who wanted deregulation, so he formed a quasi-liberal (now irrefutably neoliberal) think tank called the "Institute for Liberty and Democracy" ( to promote "property rights in developing nations" ( He was lauded by imprisoned former president of Pure Alberto Fujimori, is currently collaborating with U.S. ally the Republic of Georgia on establishing former title to real property using Bitcoin related technology ( While I strongly support property rights, the exercises in government certification promoted by this individual seem to have some questionable aspects, but he has received recognition from prominent Western political figures, etc. His reference to Bitcoin in the Japan Times article is stealth, and was kept out of the headline to make it look like an article focused on the law.  

The following document, filed in response to defendant Zimbleman and addressing defendant Lotman and suspected CIA officer and Japan Times columnist Kris Kosaka discusses the Japan Times on elsewhere (pp. 11, 42, 43,  45 (indirectly)), and Ogawawara on page 44, along with Rob Goolhilly and Ken Joseph Jr. (e.g.: With respect to Joseph, it bears noting that Kittaka took over his responsibilities for writing a foreigner assistance column that has been a fixture on and off in the Japan Times.

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