Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who are Nils Ferry and Peter MacIntosh?

Ferry comments on Reddit using the pseudonym “KyotoGaijin” (, and posted a comment in which he disparaged this blog and lied about me in response to an anonymously posted thread by Jamie Roughan: Ferry has been on my radar for a number of years, as he is affiliated with the Einarsen/Ashburne photo-journalist pseudo-culture CIA et al. neocolonialist mob here in Kyoto, but I hadn’t encountered him until his Reddit post. Needless to say, I have a substantial backlog of posts to prepare for this blog, and this sudden Reddit thread by Roughan and comment by Ferry was yet another frustrating distraction, but I imagine that the idiot savant Nils Ferry from Orange County, CA regrets his hubris presently.

The following are 2 screenshots of the Reddit thread (before anyone tries to delete it...), and it bears noting the couple of knee-jerk responses seems to indicate that only one individual  posting on that thread is not a CIA et al. operative plying their trade on social media sites:

Since Ferry has made it necessary for me to further map out his network, etc., I’ve provided a little information about two others in that network that either weren’t mentioned in the lawsuit or haven’t been blogged about yet, namely, suspected Canadian intelligence officer Peter MacIntosh, and suspected CIA officer and photographer Jeffrey Friedl.

The post begins with an examination of the wealth of personal information contained in CIA hero Ferry’s Reddit posts made it easy to ascertain his actual identity with a little online detective work.

In the following post, Ferry (as ‘KyotoGaijn’) reveals that he is from Orange County, CA, and his wife attended Louisiana State University
Orange County

Here are some posts from his blog in which he reveals that he is from Orange County, CA, and that his wife went to LSU (all of those posts have been archived)
The top post is linked to by the narcissistic CIA idiot savant here:

He watermarks his photographs with his the name of his other blog:
which is called “alive in kyoto”, and is on the same website, found here:
Oh, and he even has a photo stream you can subscribe to:
These CIA officers have all the latest social networking technology…

photo of Geisha tea house
states that “This small ocha-ya is pretty much across the street from my mom's house., and includes this street view link:

Includes a photo of neighborhood near his house:

Offers to giveaway a table, indicating the nearest station to his house:

Other links:
He deleted this page including photos of Defendant A.J. Dickinson, etc., but has posted them and more on his Facebook page, including Einarsen, Ashburne, etc.
You’ll notice that Einarsen, Paul Crouse, Ted Taylor, Ashburne, Micah Gampel, Aaron Campbell,  etc., are all listed on his Facebook friends page:

His Geisha photography cohort, Canadian Peter MacIntosh, operates a blog called Lillyteardrop anonymousoly, and has prevented it from being archived by implemented the line of text ‘robots.text’, which blocks archiving. Adelstein has commented with respect to criticism by Chris Johnson and others of the English language press in Japan ( MacIntosh refused to post a comment I left questioning his identity. Here is his self-description on YouTube (

Born in Canada, I have been living in Kyoto, Japan for nearly a quarter of a century and more than half of my life. I am a multimedia artist and the owner of the travel and leisure company Kyoto Sights and Nights . My life and work is centered around the geisha world of Kyoto.

MacIntosh recently started yet another Facebook group dedicated to marketing Kyoto, with a list loaded with intelligence operatives; however, within the last 24 hours he has either deleted the group or converted it to this page:
I happened to manually archive the Group page, however, and have included the images listing the members at the end of this post. A couple of the names aren't visible, but you get the point. Note, for example, Japan Times columnist and "Writers in Kyoto" member Amy Chavez on the list. This is yet another Facebook page he (they) have launched:, receiving "likes" from Sasha Ashburne, etc., individuals named on this blog connected to that CIA/MI6/SIS network. MacIntosh includes a post linking to this YouTube video of his first "documentary" on geisha (the idiot savants launching another preemptive strike against culture for marketing purposes and self-promotion): The film is from 2009. Never heard of it? Oh well...neither had I... 

An online search for Ferry returns hits to a blog by Jeffry Friedel, whose profile, etc., are interesting and fit the pattern of the others mentioned above, earning him an honorable mention here as a suspected CIA cohort—who appears to be a little smarter, having hidden his Friends list and not being included on Ferry’s, etc.

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