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Who is James Riney? .......................INTRO

There are a number of topics with respect to which I’ve only scratched the surface on this blog due to time constraints. In fact, I’ve elaborated more on some issues in the filings made with the D.C. District Court against the CIA et al., because that was—and remains—priority one. One such topic relates to the practice that has come to my attention of the defacto passing along of federal office in families of CIA officers. That is to say, the practice whereby the progeny of CIA officers themselves become CIA officers and continue to inhabit the same place as their parents did, etc., maybe even taking over the CIA-front family business. This is a feature of the neo-feudalistic tendency I’ve described to some extent, which is intimately connected to the correlative of neocolonialism. I will make a separate post on this topic, but I’ll note in passing that individuals with respect to whom, on the basis of my interaction with their fathers, there is no doubt in my mind are CIA officers that followed in their respective parent's steps include Ryan Taylor, the son of a former army buddy, Kris (aka Chris) Sawaguchi Roche (aka Sawaguchi (; aka Roche (, Jonathan Levy (, Sage Einarsen (, and Ron Beimel ( I have submitted documentation/photos of the first four on that list to the D.C.District Court, and will post copies of those filing here eventually.

So, I present to you another father/son team of suspected CIA officers that have been intruded into my life through the Japan Times by the sociopathic Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America.

While I don’t have time to dwell on the topic in a theoretical manner at present, suffice it to say that the father of James Riney (ライニー ジェイムズ), Tim (aka Timothy: ライニー ティモシー) Riney, is suspected to have been a CIA officer. In entries on the website his son co-founded,  Tim claims to have worked in six countries as an adult, and James writes that Tim met the love of his life--a German woman--in Portugal. I’ve been able to discover that Timothy Riney taught at the International Christian University in Japan—as per the following screenshots/excerpts until perhaps 5 years ago. On file is from the year 2000 (, and another seems to indicate that he was teaching through 2011 (平成23). This represents one more university in Japan that is populated with covert state actors in the form of CIA officers, etc. Meanwhile, this website indicates that he in fact was in the Peace Corps when he was in Senegal (West Africa), and was affiliated with ICU only until 2002:

Somewhat inconsistently, Riney doesn’t mention his mother once, anywhere, though he tells a story about a German girlfriend his father had described as the “greatest love of his life”, presumably before he eventually met James’ mother—whomever she may be. He tells a couple of other “stories” about his father, but doesn’t say a word about what brought him to Japan or when. Needless to say, the entire project of STORYS.JP is a model study in neoliberal ideology as implemented by the CIA in a specific socio-historical context. Tim Riney has started three “stories” on the website his son started (linked to below), one of which is entitled “Why I am retiring in Thailand”. Well, a primary reason for his retiring in Thailand would appear to have been to clear the way for his son to be launched into celebrity orbit by the CIA in Japan. It must be emphasized that neither he nor his son indicates that the father has ever had any connection to Japan. Of course, that connection is implied by Riney stating in the interview with Romero (who?) that he grew up in Japan until he was 12 years old. However, it is only in the information I have been able to track down related to the International Christian University, including two websites listing his name in Japanese and one in English, that the connection can be confirmed.

Why would James Riney want to hide his father Tim Riney’s connection to Japan? Why wouldn’t he tell a single story about it? In fact, after having written he above—which I have basically left as is—I discovered another source confirming that Timothy Riney died in 2013:,d.dGo 
That 1-page pdf file is a homage to the elder Riney from a fellow teacher at ICU, and includes the following passage:
Dr. Timothy J. Riney came to ICU in 1990 shortly after obtaining his Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University, Washington. Superbly equipped to teach across a range of disciplines from sociolinguistics and phonetics and with an early undergraduate degree of B. A. Cum Laude with honors in English and American Literature at the University of Missouri, Columbia.
Dr. Riney brought a rare and important expertise to ICU having experience of work and research around the world including Senegal (1975-77), Portugal (1977-78), Germany (1979-80), and Egypt (1985-87).
As I may already have mentioned, similar to the case of Adelstein—perhaps in more ways than one—there is a lot of online data to sort through regarding Riney, so the examination of Riney and the CIA through Riney will once again be spread across multiple entries. I don’t have anything more to say on these people substantially at the moment, so what follows is data for reference purposes.

This August 2013 archived version of Riney’s “story” about his father includes two photos of Tim Riney, one with his son at the Great Wall of China, and the other as a young man in Africa:

Meanwhile, the elder CIA officer Riney is described on Storys.JP as being in the process of writing three of the article of which the titles he posted in 2013:  This is the current webpage:

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